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As you know, markets have shifted as we enter the 2023 year. Investors flooded the rental market creating a huge increase in supply, demand has slowed for sales and interest rates remain high. Making adjustments can be difficult, however, I am no stranger to change. I obtained my real estate license in 2006 and, as it turns out, was a terrible year to get into real estate followed by the next 3 years. That’s OK. We push on and create opportunities. That’s what I’m here to do for you!


So Why Hire A & M Management?

First and foremost, we are a local company servicing locations near you including Maricopa, Casa Grande, Coolidge, Florence and surrounding Phoenix areas. As the Broker/Owner of A & M Management, also born and raised in Arizona, I take pride in being able to provide to owners their monthly statements that are clear and accurate. WE DO NOT NICKEL AND DIME YOUR INCOME FROM YOU! Your calls and emails will be returned. You will not be charged for every piece of paper pushed off the desk and you will not be up charged for maintenance. If repairs arise, I discuss the matter with you in accordance to the property management agreement. We are able to provide a close working relationship with our owners filled with communication, accuracy and accountability.

To maximize your experience with A & M Management, we utilize a property management software program that allows us to provide to our owners an online account to access anywhere and anytime, 24/7, to view:

  • Financial Reporting – We offer detailed financial reporting making it easier to keep up to date on your investment. These comprehensive reports are available anytime, anywhere. You have access to 10 different financial reports, 11 Rental Reports and 4 Task Reports.
  • Rental Owner Statement– You will receive a monthly email to review your owner draws and amounts or you can login to your account to view this statement at your convenience.
  • Documents – You can view all documents associated with your account anytime using this tab including the tenant lease, management agreement, addendums, etc.
  • Electronic 1099 Filings – You’ll receive your income/expense report along with your annual 1099.


Additional Benefits of Hiring A & M Management:

  • NO UPFRONT FEES to start management services, literally $0.00 dollars.
  • NO fees are charged while home is vacant.
  • Prompt response to tenant tenant requests/maintenance submittals.
  • Competitive Pricing – Contact us today for a quote. We provide discounts and specials depending on the inventory you need managed. With our services, you enjoy greater profits with less hassle. Whether you own a single home or a multitude of investment properties, you can depend on us for attentive, tailored property management experience.
  • Owner Draws/Disbursements – Your owner draw is processed electronically into an account you designate no later than the 15th of every month.
  • Aggressive marketing strategy = Low Vacancy Rate – Our experience ensures you get the best rental rate possible along with short vacancy times.
  • Screen for the best residents – We attract reliable, quality tenants who stay longer and take better care of your property using the built in resident screening tools. This includes: income and rental verification, background, credit check, eviction and criminal.
  • Inspections – Annual inspections are performed before renewing a lease to evaluate home condition and rental rates and intermittently by request.
  • Maintenance – When maintenance is deferred, it impacts the tenants experience and income for the property. Your investment and income matter here at A & M Management and believe your home is only as good as the team that manages it! We set up a $250 operating reserve for repairs and any repair above this figure requires owner authorization. If you prefer to be hands off, that’s OK too. We tailor your management experience to your liking.
  • We DO NOT nickel and dime you! Owning and managing rental homes costs you time, energy, and money. Let us protect your investment without interrupting your daily life.


As your property manager, we handle all aspects of management including, but not limited to:

  • Advertising, inquiries, background and credit checks, application processing, lease execution, rent collection, maintenance requests and coordination, accounting, HOA notices, lease renewals, inspections, TPT taxes, security deposit collection/disbursements, 5 day notices, eviction coordination, rental rate updates/modifications, etc.


Considering Self Management?

When buying your rental property, you may be tempted to assume that your investment journey is going to be an easy one.  After all, how hard can rent collection be? If that’s so, you may be in for a rude shock. Owning a rental property is very different from managing your own rental property. While owning a property and renting it out is a great way to increase your income it does come with it’s challenges and there may be a limit to how effective you can be. Here are a few reasons you should not self-manage your properties.

  • You must wear many hats – One of the biggest reasons why it’s smart to have a property management company handle your properties is the sheer number of hats that you will be forced to wear. These will include being the owner, manager, handyman, customer rep, accountant, and marketing expert. One of the things that can also become tough is the amount of knowledge that you must know about the laws and regulations. Do you know the laws and time frames your required to operate within?
  • Set Up – Are you set up to receive tenant payments and maintenance requests online to make it more convenient for the resident? When there is a vacancy, what is your marketing strategy? How do prospects complete applications? Are you able to properly run credit, background, criminal, and eviction checks? Do you use a proper lease? When and who performs inspections? Do you have vendors in place for quick responses?
  • Tenants taking advantage – Have you ever had a tenant promise to pay rent and the deadline comes and goes? Do you know when to serve the Pay or Quit Notice for non-payment of rent? Do you know where to find the correct forms? This is an all too often statement we hear from self-managing owners. It’s hard for owners to sometimes be tough on their tenants when they need to be and it causes stress and loss of rent.
  • It’s Demanding – There are many tasks involved in managing a home from maintenance requests to dealing with bad tenants. Without proper experience and screening you may end up with bad tenants who don’t pay rent on time, don’t take care of your home, is a nuisance to the neighbors, make it difficult to enter the premises for repairs, you may see an increase in HOA violations and fines, etc.
  • Face Eviction Issues On Your Own – DIY rental management means that you’ll be responsible for collecting rent and can also mean playing “cat and mouse” with some of your renters every month. This can be frustrating, tiresome, time consuming and costly. You’ll have to deal with lengthy and expensive legal proceedings if you must evict a bad tenant and the cost associated with placing another tenant.

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